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Led by BIGMANBIGHEART Ambassador, QB1 Jordan Travis, and Dillan Gibbons, the Noles are supporting their new teammate, Redshirt Sophomore transfer cornerback Greedy Vance as he tries to help his Mom, Aniqua Lewis, and 14-year-old sister, Jailly, back in New Orleans get back on their feet again after Hurricane Ida decimated their home. HELP support Greedy Vance’s family and THE NOLES' commitment to THE CLIMB by DONATING or SHARING this GoFundMe with as many people as possible.

When Hurricane Ida hit, Vance’s family home sustained flood and wind damage that left the floors and drywall in ruins and destroyed the screened porch and roof. Greedy’s Mom, Aniqua, a single Mom who works for the New Orleans Sheriffs’ Office, called her insurance company for help. After several months, they sent out a team of disaster mitigation specialists who began the process of tearing out all of the soaked and moldy drywall, carpeting, and other contents of the home that were destroyed. After the repair quote was submitted to the insurance company, the claim was denied and the family was left up a stream without a paddle. Greedy’s Mom had to pay thousands to replace the roof on the home, then the drywall. Interior and exterior doors and trim must be replaced, and the bathroom needs a complete tear-out and renovation. All of the lighting in the ceilings had to be replaced after the new drywall was installed. Finally, everything had to be painted after the repairs were made. She had to borrow money from her Mom for the repairs, save up and do as much as possible - one project at a time. She still hasn’t been able to afford the new home flooring– estimated to cost over $2700.00. Additionally, the screened patio is still in complete disrepair, and it will cost over $5,000.00 to make those repairs. Overall, the roof, interior drywall, bathroom, and lighting repairs have cost Greedy’s Mom over $20,000.00. The family has been living in the home with no flooring and in a state of disrepair since August of last year. As a result of this unexpected financial crisis for Greedy Vance’s family, the family has very little money left in reserves to cover any expenses in addition to their daily living expenses.
PLEASE HELP support FSU’s defensive back #21 Greedy Vance's family and THE NOLES' commitment to THE CLIMB by DONATING or SHARING this GoFundMe with as many people as possible.

A bit about THE CLIMB and what it means to the Noles players: Seminoles Coach Mike Norvell has indoctrinated this team with his approach towards winning in life and on the football field. THE CLIMB is not just about achieving the pinnacle of success, it stands for:
C ommitment: Service, Sacrifice, respect;
L ittle things: Details (focus), virtual reality, analytical approach;
I ntensity: no wasted reps, physicality;
M ental Toughness: Handle adversity and physicality;
B rotherhood: Be accountable to one another, trustworthy.

In working together to HELP Greedy’s family recover from this financial crisis, the Noles football team – led by BigManBigHeart Ambassador Jordan Travis, are joining with the Tallahassee community and all of Noles Nation to exemplify this commitment to Service, Sacrifice, Respect and Brotherhood together by STEPPING UP and HELPING OUT Greedy Vance's family. So, let’s get them back on their feet so that they can afford to travel to some games this season to watch Vance help the NOLES CLIMB to victory!

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Dillan plans to utilize the database of donors collected through his successful campaign for Timothy and to lean on other contacts he has developed through his years at Notre Dame and now at FSU to raise the start-up funds necessary to have his vision take flight.
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