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GoFundMe College Charity Challenge

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Dillan answered a call from his team at GoFundMe and stepped up to kick off the College Charity Challenge they put together recently. The idea was to give 5 college athletes one week to raise money for a charity of their choice, then pass the torch of giving and charity on to another college athlete for 5 weeks. Dillan chose the charity Operation 300 for his leg of the fundraiser. Op300 is an organization
that provides mentorship to the children of fallen heroes to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. This organization makes an impact by hosting retreats, camps, and more for kids. Operation 300 takes care of the children of fallen soldiers and Goldstar families by bringing kids to camps and pairing them with an adult male or female close to their deceased father or mother’s age to engage in exciting new adventures and activities such as fishing, shooting, and sailing. These deserving kids form a bond that will last a lifetime with their new mentor. Operation 300 also takes care of the children’s parents by putting them up in a nice hotel for the weekend and treating them to a retreat while the kids are engaged in camp. With his GoFundMe, Dillan raised over $1,000.00 for Op300 in just a week.

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Dillan plans to utilize the database of donors collected through his successful campaign for Timothy and to lean on other contacts he has developed through his years at Notre Dame and now at FSU to raise the start-up funds necessary to have his vision take flight.
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